Sgt. Joshua C. Brennan Memorial Hall Library and Museum

Our New Facility was Dedicated on Armed Forces Day May 18, 2019

Sgt. Brennan was KIA in Afghanistan in October 2007. He was a local Ontario, Oregon High School graduate, and he and his Family were always active in our Community.

In Sgt. Brennans' Honor, and to his Family, we have dedicated our front building at 180 W. Idaho Ave, Ontario, Oregon, to 'Honor his Life and Service' and to also 'Honor' the Service and Lives of the other Veterans and Military and their Families in our Western Treasure Valley Area. We have accumulated a rather substantial collection of 'memorabilia and artifacts and personal objects' of many area Veterans and Military, which we are so proud and humbled to be able to  display in respect of their service to our great Country. We have area family stories and possessions ranging from the early Indian Wars in our Country, to the present. 

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The Sgt. Joshua C. Brennan Memorial Hall Library and Museum, is located at our Main Office campus at 180 W. Idaho Ave, Ontario, Or 97914, front building.

When in Ontario, Or, please stop by and spend some time looking over the many items (which we change out periodically) of Military Service from our area Military/Veteran Families.


Remembering our Veterans of the Korean War

5 July 1950 -The Korean War - Battle of Osan

5 JULY 1950 - BATTLE OF OSAN (Task Force Smith) - Korean War 

On 27 June, President Harry S Truman announced he had ordered American air and naval forces to give cover and support to the South Korean troops, initiating the UN Defensive-27 June to 15 September 1950 Campaign. On the 28th he authorized the Commander in Chief Far East to use certain supporting ground units in Korea, and authorized the U.S. Air Force to conduct missions on specific targets in North Korea. On the 30th the President further authorized the Commander in Chief Far East to use all forces available to him to repel the invasion, and ordered a naval blockade of the entire coast of Korea. Task Force Smith was the first U.S. ground combat unit to arrive from Japan as an advanced element of the 24th Infantry Division.

Lieutenant Colonel Charles B. Smith, commander of the 1st Battalion, 21st Infantry, of the 24th Division, led a 500-man delaying force, called Task Force Smith in the first ground combat of U.S. forces in the Korean War. After most of his task force was airlifted from Japan on 2 July , with the rest to follow, they immediately moved north. On 5 July Colonel Smith established a defensive position three miles north of Osan, assisted by elements of the 52d Field Artillery Battalion. Task Force Smith took on two regiments of the North Korean 4th Division and thirty-three T34 tanks. Badly outnumbered and without armor, effective antitank weapons, or air support, the task force was overrun. The next day, Colonel Smith assembled only 250 men, half his original force. #Armyhistory #KoreanWar


The Battle of Osan is sometime better known as the engagement Task Force Smith fought.

More on Korea & how this War started


The Korean War was the first major armed clash between Free World and Communist forces, as the so-called Cold War turned hot. The half-century that now separates us from that conflict, however, has dimmed our collective memory. Many Korean War veterans have consid- ered themselves forgotten, their place in history sandwiched between the sheer size of World War II and the fierce controversies of the Vietnam War.

"AMERICA", a 1924 D.W. Griffith 'silent film


 A 1924 Movie

Wonderful silent movie depicting circumstances that led to our proclaiming our Independence from England. Americans had to choose their side and wheather to defend a 'new nation' or stand by the King of England. A young Lionel Barrymore is featured in this film. Enjoy.......

Please remember to thank a veteran 'every day' you see a veteran, not just those days celebrating our military heritage, for they are and were there every day protecting our country's freedoms!!!

About Us


How we Started

In 2006 two Vietnam Vets wanted to actively support our Veterans that were having problems and didn't know where to find help, especially Mental Health problems. We now have Counseling available, and a Veterans Court in our County.


How we have grown

Besides our Mental Health assistance, we actively support our deployed Troops by sending Boxes of goodies, well wishes from area children, Humanitarian items and a lot of locally made items from Civic, Social and Youth groups.


How we continue Supporting our Vets & Families

Because we do not have an income from"Dues", the support of donations from our local Organizations goes a long way to fund our 'Assistance' programs, and our Community feels the reward of being able to help and be a part of the solution. 

This is the land of the free & brave thanks to our Military

US Army


Our US Army was founded on June 14, 1775, and as a branch of the US Armed Forces, upholds the 'Mission' of: Preserving the Peace and Security and providing for the defense of the United States, the Commonwealths and possessions and any areas occupied by the United States. Overcoming any nations responsible for aggressive acts that imperil the peace and security of the United States.

US Navy


On October 13, 1775 the US Continental Congress authorized the purchase and armament of two vessels to protect the waters of the New Country. George Washington had declared the great importance of a Naval Force, and commissioned the USS Hannah as the first Naval ocean going Schooner. In 1790 the Navy was disbanded, but attacks on American shipping by Barbary Pirates, reactivated the Navy in 1797.

US Marines


History of the Marine Corps began in Philadelphia on November 10, 1775, when two battalions of Continental Marines formed as an Infantry Unit to fight our enemies both at sea and on land. Under the National Security Act of 1947, duties are; seizure or defense of advanced naval bases and other land operations to support naval campaigns; and such other duties as the President or Department of Defense may direct.

US Air Force


The USAF is the aerial and space warfare branch of the US Armed Forces. In 1907 it was initially part of the US Army, but on September 18, 1947 it became its own branch. The USAF (OCA) Offensive Counterair Core Mission is defined as; Operations to destroy, disrupt or neutralize enemy aircraft, missiles, launch platforms and their supporting structures.

US Coast Guard


It was in 1790 that the Coast Guard was established as the "Revenue Marine" (specifically to collect Customs Duties) at the request of Alexander Hamilton, and thus is the oldest continuous. seagoing service in the US. By the mid 1800's it was known as the U.S. Revenue Cutter Service, then in 1915 it was transferred to the US Dept. of the Treasury and called the U.S. Life Saving Service, and has been involved in every war from 1790 till now.

US National Guard


This year the National Guard will celebrate its 382nd Birthday!! The 1st Colony-wide 'Militia' was formed in Massachusetts in 1636. And in New York in 1824 the term 'National Guard' was used when several units formed together under the 1792 Militia Acts. Then in the early 1900's the National Guard units were divided into the 'Regular' and 'Reserve'. There are now also full-time personnel assigned to units known as (AGR & ART).

US Merchant Marine


USMMA has a four-year program for midshipmen, operated by the Federal Maritime Admin. & US Dept. of Transportation.

Regimental Life

Merchant Marine History

June 1, 1775 saw the first role of a Merchant Marine action. A group of 'citizens'  desperately needing supplies, captured the British schooner HMS Margaretta, unloaded the lumber to then build ships. These actions predated the USCG and the US Navy.

Military Ballad - Can't Believe We Miss This

Memories of our service will ALWAYS be with us!!!  Especially when you know those your with will 'always have your back'. How great we can embrace those memories, and hope ALL THOSE who have taken our place will also come home.

USA vs CHINA Military Comparison | Who Would Win | 2019

God Bless and protect ALL our Brave Men and Women serving our Great Country. Because of them and the millions of now "Veterans" who have served before, we can feel assured that the 'founding principals and values' inherent in our ;Declaration of Independence' will be protected and safeguarded.

Russia vs United States - Military Power Comparison 2018

There will always be 'threats' to Americas Democracy, yet because of the very deep seeded personal desire in each of our souls, to preserve our Freedoms and to maintain our Liberties, thanks to our history of veterans and those now serving, we will ALWAYS PERSEVERE!!!!! 

Top 10 Deadliest Weapons of the U. S. Military

Here are some of the 21st Century Weapons that our 'Future Veterans' are now training on. The use of weapons in warfare sure has evolved since WWI, and that was only 100 years ago.

Veteran to Veteran

A very real and touching video explaining the "Brotherhood" that is the 'Bond' that lasts for ever, with all who have served.

The Moral obligation to know our Veterans

A TEDx talk by Dr. Mike Haynie, a veteran and also Ex. Director of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at the Whitman School at Syracuse University. Compelling talk..

Americas Declaration of Independence

The Idea that a 'collective' group of people wanting to make their own decisions and not be subjected to the will of other countries and rulers, are the generating principals and ideas that are embedded in 'Americas Declaration of Independence'.

This historic Document written in 1776 assures our Freedoms, and Individual Rights, and still is the format and guide of a great Nation, and the reasons why we Americans continue to serve in our Armed Forces continuing to protect and preserve our Country.

A Tribute to our Armed Forces

Mr. Gary Sinese introducing all the Branches of our Armed Forces.........