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Cadets training at  the Pasco Sheriff's Office Law Enforcement Academy.

Florida program puts commandos back in uniform

3 Aug. 2019 Kristine Froeba

A new special operations forces career-transition program in Florida is putting service members back in uniform by turning former commandos into law enforcement officers.

Run by the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, the program is part of the the Law Enforcement Academy at Pasco-Hernando State College. While PCSO officials say they would consider hiring program graduates, those completing the course become eligible to serve in law enforcement departments of any Florida county, said Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Cpl. Jennie Jones, an academy instructor. 

The program is in its infancy and seeking recruits, said George McDonald, a retired Army Green Beret colonel and the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Bureau Chief of Joint Operations

McDonald is leading the program created to help special operations forces (SOF) troops transition out of military service and into law enforcement. So far, said McDonald, two former Green Berets and a former SEAL have completed the Basic Recruit Training Program.

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“We need these young people in law enforcement because it is getting rough out there,” said Stuart Bradin, a retired Green Beret colonel and president of the Global SOF Foundation, a professional association for commandos. “We are losing a lot of people every year in the military, and we need them in law enforcement.”

The Global SOF Foundation also runs the SOF for Life program, which helps prepare transitioning SOF personnel above what the government provides in terms of support, career and continuing education.

The Pasco County program allows operators to seek another career path that will enable them to sleep in their own beds at night, be with their families, and to continue to serve their communities says Bradin.

“It’s Florida, they have gators, a body farm, forensic training nearby, flooding, these guys love this stuff,” said Bradin.

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“Mad Dog” Shriver Packed as Many as Six Revolvers, Plus....

War History story on Vietnam Special Forces Jerry "Mad Dog" Shriver


US Special Forces Motto

For America, the Vietnam War was unlike any other war it had fought before. It was a complicated conflict which lasted over 40 years.

America was involved in the last nine years of the war and the end involved the humiliating mass evacuation of American personnel out of the country in 1973.

It is estimated that over the course of the war, American forces casualties amounted to some 58,000 dead and over 300,000 wounded, as well as losing nearly 10,000 aircraft and helicopters.

It was, at times, a highly unconventional war with few set battles and a sporadic but intense aerial campaign.

Despite the introduction of high tech weapons like SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles), dedicated gunships, and the widespread use of guided munitions, it was still a down and dirty war. The need for Special Forces had never been greater.

Hanoi Hanna was heard later that day to boast that they had captured Mad Dog Shriver.

Medal of Honour winner, Lieutenant Jim Flemming, who had served with Shriver on several missions, summed him up as “The quintessential warrior loner.”

More on Vietnam & Special Forces


Every Day, not just Memorial Day, we should be thankful for the hundreds of thousands of men and women who gave their lives, that we as a Nation may continue to live with the Freedoms and Values that make this Country so Great! 

Staff Sergeant Aaron Butler: Died on August 16, 2017 at the age of 27 in Afghanistan from an IED.

Staff Sergeant Aaron Butler

The Inaugural SSG Aaron Butler Memorial Purple Heart Run, Sat August 17, 2019, Eagle, ID US 83616

MORE THAN A RACE: This is more than a race, it is a celebration of all US servicemembers who have given their lives or parts of themselves physically in combat operations around the globe. The after party promises to be epic. We will have local beer, music, food, local coffee, and lots to do for kids. All race proceeds will go to the Idaho Department and Chief Joseph Chapter 509 of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (a 501C3 nonprofit). This event was created by local Purple Heart recipients, and there will be an opportunity for all participants and supporters to meet and learn from those men and women who have been wounded in combat. The race courses will be lined with pictures and stories about Purple Heart Recipients who gave their lives in the Global War on Terror (since 9/11/2001). Bring out your families, let your children meet and absorb the words of Gold Star families (who have lost loved ones in combat), Vietnam War Purple Heart Recipients, and Purple Heart Recipients from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They are among us every day, this in a unique opportunity for all of us to see and hear from local community members who have given more than most for our Nation.

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Race Director: Dan Nelson –

Dan is a former US Army Special Forces Officer (Green Beret), and a member of the Chief Joseph Chapter 509 Military Order of the Purple Heart

more about the Memorial Purple Heart Run

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"Ways To Honor and the Post 9/11 GI Bill"

Our Chairman / Founder Ronald Verini , writes 2 articles a month which are published in a regional newspaper. You can read these articles here on our Webpage just by clicking on the heading 'Veterans Articles'. This Article will be published August 4, 2019.

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"Veterans Articles"

What is the White House VA Hotline? 1-855-948-2311

The hotline’s pilot began under direction of the Veterans Experience Office on June 1, 2017, and entered phase two on October 15, 2017.

White House VA Hotline:  1-855-948-2311.

Calls are answered by a live agent 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  The hotline is staffed by more than 60 agents who have had extensive training on VA programs and services.  Most of these agents are a Veteran, military family member, caregiver or a survivor.

The White House VA Hotline conducts immediate warm hand offs for at-crisis risk Veterans needing the services of the Veterans Crisis Line.

Trends identified by the hotline will be used to rapidly respond to systemic inefficiencies and empower VA employees to resolve Veteran concerns quickly.


VA Will Now Let You Go to Civilian Urgent Care Doctors

Related content:

As of June 6, 2019, the VA offers medical care to eligible veterans at selected civilian urgent care facilities nationwide.

May 29, 2019, by Jim Absher,

More info on the "Urgent Care Benefit"

VA Puts Emphasis on Suicide Prevention

1-800-273-8255  press 1

A 'confidential, free resource

even if you're not registered with VA

or  not enrolled in VA health care.

ALSO, check-out our directory of "RESOURCES" which you can get to by clicking on our "PROGRAMS/RESOURCES/BOD" section on the Header Bar.

More info on 'Crisis Line/Suicide Prevention'

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9/11 Commemorative Section

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