Veteran Stories

Civil War 1862 Diary Union

Sgt. Henry W. Tisdale enlisted in Company I, Thirty-Fifth Regiment,Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry on July 10, 1862 at the age of 25. Sgt. Tisdale kept a very detailed diary of his service from 1662 t0 1865. His son and his sons wife typed and bound the diary in 1926. Please click on the picture and you will see the diary.

Civil War 1861 Diary Confederate

Pvt. L. Leon of the Charlotte Grays, Company C, First North Carolina Regiment, recounted his service in the Confederacy from 1861, and titled it "Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier. Put. Leon copyright and published the diary in 1913. Please click on the picture and you can read his story.

Spanish-American War Diary 1898

Pvt. George Edgar Cripps of the 34th Michigan Volunteer Infantry left Michigan in June of 1898 bound for Cuba.This diary is re-typed from the handwritten diary he left. You will greatly enjoy his account of time spent from Michigan to Cuba and back. Please click on the picture to read his diary.

First World War 11/11/1918

Charles Normington was in Paris France and recounted in a letter to his mother the jubilation of the war being declared ended. Just click on the above picture and under "First-Hand Accounts" click on the letter from Paris 11 Nov 1918, to view his letter.

WWII "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

Induction Center in Baltimore, Maryland 1942.  And actually all inductees were told especially 'what not to do', because "loose lips could sink ships'. So click on the picture and choose 'World War II' at top of site and choose the heading "loose lips sink ships', and get the whole story of induction education.

Korean War Diary entries 1951

The Battle that started the Korean War and Trials and Tribulations are a few of the true events taken from many soldiers diaries during the Korean War years.

"Last Draftee Retires"

The last Active Duty, enlisted draftee retires!!!!

You have to hear his story.

War Stories: the last draftee

Command Sergeant Major, Jeff Mellinger, shown here serving duty in Afghanistan. He was the last draftee during the Vietnam War.

D-Day Veteran shares his Story with Future Generations

70 years ago, Charlie Wilson was on Utah Beach with the 4th Divisions' landing to take France. Hear how he tells his story to the Children.

A Moment of TRUTH

Just 'thanking and recognizing' the service our men and women gave this country is Powerful Medicine! Please thank our Veterans when you see them.

Sgt. Barry Sadler on the Jimmy Dean Show

Sgt. Sadler wrote a very popular song about his experiences during the Vietnam War, "The Ballad of the Green 

Don't Fall Asleep in the Military!!

There are several really good 'comments' on this video: "no matter what the country and army, soldiers forever are gonna prank their mates while sleeping";

"You know whats great about being in the Military? Everything"

How to Talk to Veterans about War

Wes Moore's Ted talk, is about the 'shock' he experienced upon returning home. He addresses the need for all of us to encourage Veterans to 'tell their stories'.

Service Never Stops

The 'whole Family' of a service man and service woman are effected by what happens to their loved one, some never make it back home and some come home with physical injuries and some come home with injuries you cannot see. We all need to be there for the 'whole Family'.

I Fought For YOU

"Thank You", for your service to our Country, for what you did lives on through our Freedoms and our children and grandchildren, that they too may grow and enrich the qualities of life that  you "Fought For".

US Marine Corps Major Katelyn van Dam

Major vanDam served in "Operation Enduring Freedom" as an attack helicopter pilot. On 9/11 she was in her first year at the US Naval Academy, and tells of how that changed things in her life.

Captain Jason Pak, an Inspiring story....

A son of a Military family, he graduated from West Pointin 2011, and while serving in Afghanistan in 2012 was seriously wounded. His story of recovery is truly inspirational.

EBV = Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Veterans

Several Colleges and Universities and Small Business Development Programs offer this assistance/course for Veterans hoping to start their own business.

Veteran Owned Businesses & Entrepreneurship

The success of Veteran Owned Businesses and their growth in the B2B Marketplace