What we do

VAOI is involved in many programs that help our Active Military, Veterans and their families. List are the programs that have developed and are currently active are:

Treats for the Troops - We send boxes monthly to our "deployed troops". In 2010, we have sent over 500 boxes to these men and women serving overseas. The boxes are filled with treats, games, toiletries, books, DVD's, letters and notes of appreciation from school children, youth groups, civic, social groups and community members. The cost for the contents is about $70.00 each and the postal rate is $12.95/box.

Three extensions of this program are:

Christmas for the Troops - This year we adopted 80+ soldiers of a civil affairs (Humanitarian) unit in a forward operating base (remote) in Khost Province Afghanistan on the Pakistan border.

Adopt a Soldier - A program was set up for the community to adopt 131 soldiers of our local 116th Army National Guard Unit. All 131 soldiers have been adopted at least once, most multiple times. These soldiers are receiving letters, cards and packages from schools, organizations and individual members of the community, including ourselves

Operation Quilts - When the local 116th, Army National Guard deployed to Iraq, this past September, 300 quilts were given out to the soldiers. These quilts were made with the loving hands of many mothers and daughters. Each quilt costs $40.00 to make. We were able to obtain a small grant from a local family, the Wood Family to help with the cost of the materials. This is an ongoing program and these women continue to make quilts for the rest of the 200 soldiers that have yet to receive the quilts. These quilts will also cost $12.95/box to ship.